Right Now You Probably Don't Talk About This With Anyone

If you have come here enquiring about becoming my private psychotherapy client you are in the right place. When we meet for the first time online you will likely have a key question; can Ian help me, and if so, what does that help look like? I will give you my undivided attention as you describe your situation and I will ask questions I believe may be relevant, questions that usually make you feel more comfortable because they can give you a sense of my ability to understand you. I suggest that what comes to your mind in session is what you need to discuss in session, and I will listen with no judgment. I've been on the receiving side of judgment, we all have, and we all know it's not right. As a trained and experienced psychotherapist, non-judgment is just part of my nature, it's what I do. 

It is a big thing to be truly heard by someone who is unbiased. If you are afraid you will feel embarrassed or won't know what to say, or if you secretly believe you might be totally unlike anyone I've counselled before, don't worry. You're OK. It is what it is. You are not alone in whatever it is you are dealing with, and you will not be judged. Counselling is about you, the client; with my help you are likely to experience a boost in self-confidence, and the tools and skills you learn can apply to many challenging situations in your life.

About Ian O'Neill

I am a Registered Psychotherapist who assists adults seeking hope and a way out of chaos, as they navigate and cope with important life transitions. I help alleviate panic and despair by supporting clients in making better sense out of a frustrating world.

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